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In 2007, I put up this site with help from my buddy Kevin Dart. I'm switching over to a blog so it'll be easier to update my site with out bugging my buddy Kevin, who built it for me. I think I'll update more and put up more sketches and process stuff, so that'll be fun.It's been real, thanks Kevin, and congratulations! (Kev's gettin' married). I'll have to bug Kevin one last time for a redirect, so for now, just follow the link below and add me to your friends list :)


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This Guild Wars 2 concept for the "Order of Whispers" was also sold for the Beautiful Grim charity.

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Monster concept just for fun.

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FuturePoly is our new digital arts training studio zeroing in on game development. Owner Jason Stokes, myself, and a host of top industry artists will be teaching a variety of classes related specifically to game art. If you want to pursue a career in the interactive entertainment industry, this is your quick, inexpensive, one-stop shop for everything you need to learn to set yourself on a strong trajectory toward landing your dream job. With full courses for beginners and re-specialization as well as seminars for-pros-by-pros, FuturePoly is going to quickly become a name synonymous with the growth of the north west digital arts community and top tier trade education.

Join us for our first ever concept art seminar at

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 "The Art of Guild Wars 2" book for sale!

This 128 page hardcover features 270 gorgeous images ranging from beautifully rendered concept illustrations to exploration sketches and schematics; this immersion into Arena's artistic process is a must see for GW fans and art lovers alike. Grab your copy today, you won't regret it!

Europe/North America BUY HERE! You'll love it!

I did a lot of the production on this book; editing, coordination and most importantly hiring the very talented Andrio Abero to layout the book. The cover is a composite of many artists' production sketches, laid out by art director Daniel Dociu, who also did the GW2 logo. Above is one of my pieces featured in the book, it meant as a dwelling for the Sylvari, a magical race of plant-people.

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 My Guild Wars 2 trailer is live!

You can stream the trailer or download the high res version at

Here's the trailer I've been working on for GW2! I'm the cinematic director/storyboard artist at Arena, so from start through the entirety of production, it was my responsibility to come up with the concept and make sure the execution was spot on. A lot of talented people are working on this project and teh trailer had to make sure their game was shown in the best light and presented in a way that would not only satisfy a dedicated fan base, but also intrigue potential fans from new demographics. Kekai Kotaki did the majority of the illustrations along with Daniel Dociu, the art directory, and other ArenaNet concept artists.

We've been working on the game for a while and its looking more and more like the concept art! I'm happy to say that both the in-game and the entire animated portions of the trailer were all done 100% in house! I'm stoked to get to work with such talented people!

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 Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7

Animation artist Kevin Dart, of Fleet Street Scandal, has put out a gorgeous new book based on his fictional 60's spy heroine. Entitled Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7, the book features some stunning new work from Kevin as well as a variety of fun pieces from some very talented guest artists, and was written by Ada Cole. You really need to hold this l book in your hands to appreciate just how f*cking cool it is. I'm super excited that Kevin asked me to do a piece for the book, and it actually holds up alright next to the sky high talent Kevin rounded up. Order the book today or check out the limited Collectors Edition!!!

Lastly, don't miss the absurdly stylish promo trailer animated by Stephane Coedel!

Photos courtesy of Dan Cole.

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I got a couple pieces published in Balistic Publishing's Expose 7 as well as this months Imagine FX magazine. To check em out click the above "portfolio" link to browse over to my gallery page.

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 d'artiste Digital Painting 2

Ballistic Publishing's 2nd Digital Painting tutorial book came out a bit ago, and features one of my Guild Wars concepts in the invited artist section of Daniel's tutorial. Pick up this book for some rad, extremely detailed and informative setp-by-step tutorials
and tips to achieve some amazing final results.

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a doodle I did a while ago for the sketchwich blog...

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 Game character...

I felt like drawing something badass...

I tried to get a few different themes going to make the character more appealing. Her tech gear is not only a good thematic juxtaposition to her organic wing, but together, they help create the strong silhouette, which was my main focus in this piece. The S&M outfit and reptile theme give her additional interest. I could see her in a 3D fighting game, like Soul Calibur, or maybe a good boss character in a shooter.

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 Last Man Standing [round 2]

If you're not familiar with the "Last Man Standing" deal put on by, check out my February post. I made it into the 2nd round of the friendly competition. The theme this time was 'outbreak'. I didn't want to do zombies at first, because I thought it cliché, but I thought this idea was fun enough to tolerate a pile of zombies. Click the picture to check out the full piece...

...also, click here to see all the round 2 entries.

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 Out of the junk drawer...

I've just posted a couple of pieces I dug up at work. Above is an unused warrior armor cocept for Guild Wars. I actually drew it pretty fast, but when I found it again, I had to fix a couple things that were bothering me about it.

The sketches below are my rough comps for the loading screen I did for one of the levels in the GW mission pack. The ones I like most were too action oriented to be a loading screen. I ended up going with the one on the bottom left because it tells the story it needs to clearly, and it had a sense of suspense which is appropriate for a load screen. When I had to draw the lore pages for that mission's epilogue, the top right piece was a perfect fit for what the writers had in mind for one of the six panels, so I was a pretty quick paint over to do. Today's lesson...recycle!

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 Last Man Standing [round one]

Last Man Standing is a illustration competition. It's a fun way for everyone on the forum to interact and match their stuff against their online comrades. This is the 3rd time the competition has been put on, here's how it works: you get devided up randomly in groups of five contestants. A theme is assigned for the round, and everyone has to send their piece to the moderator to be posted on the forum on the due date. Then the judges declare a winner for each group, and those individuals move on to the next round where they compete against other winners from the last round. The groups get smaller and smaller and the competition more and more intense, until, finally, there's only one, man, standing.... or woman... Anyways, check out my piece for round one, it got me into the second round. Wish me luck on my next piece!

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If you've somehow seen my site but haven't visited Sketchwich, do so now! Its a blog where all my ArenaNet homies post personal work for critique and friendly competition. It's honestly the most inspirational site I visit. Seeing super rad life drawings or digital illos, cartoon sketches and oil painting by the guys you sit next to everyday, really brings it home. Here’s a speedy illo I did for the ‘futuristic’ weekly topic. I made myself finish it in one sitting so I wouldn’t’ drag it on and then decide I didn’t like it. Check it out, but more importantly go check out the rad blog!

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 4 years...

As of today, I've worked at Arena.Net for FOUR years! It's been an amazing place to work, mainly because of the friends I've made there, and the strong sense of artistic community we've established and maintained.

I've added a few new pieces from the recently released Guild Wars Mission Pack. Aside from storyboarding and directing the cinematics, I painted the loading screen for one of the four new missions, did six small illustrations for an in-game lore booklet, and got to design what the Ninja Assassin Clan looked like!

Also, if you've not already, do yourself a favor and pick up Valve's Orange Box! Besides the full collection of the genuinely fun and great looking Half-Life 2 games, OB includes Portal, a really neat first-person-view puzzle game developed by DigiPen students, and one my favorite looking games of all time, Team Fortress 2! TF2 was art-directed by Moby Francke, and executed by Valve's strongest artistic team. It's beyond refreshing to see such a rad looking game do so well amongst its rehash-of-a-rehash competitors. Most importantly though, HL2: Episode 2 still uses props I made for the original game, so I can put it on my resume :)

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 Eye of the North

At 12:01am on Friday, August 31st, Guild Wars: Eye of the North went live! This is our fourth game, an expansion to the previous Guild Wars titles, Prophecies. , Factions. and Nightfall. . I did a few environmental props and a couple concepts toward the beginning of the project, but mainly I focused on storyboarding and helping implement the in-game cut scenes. Our tools and technical limitations were quite a hurdle to overcome, but I feel the scenes we really had time to polish look great regardless. Overall, I really think this is Arena.Net's best looking game so far, on all fronts. I’ll take this opportunity to reiterate what a pleasure and honor it is working with such an amazingly tallented stable of artists and friends.

I’ve posted three new paintings in the “work” section of my gallery, and you can check out the in-game trailer I directed by clicking here.

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 Penny Arcade Expo

This weekend the Penny Arcade Expo was held in Seattle for the first time. I was there for portfolio reviews at the ArenaNet booth. I also spoke on the PAX panel "Visual Design in Games Today." It was a lot of fun answering questions from people starting out in the industry, looking for tips and trying to find out what the art side of the game biz is all about. It was my privilege to sit in with Dan Paladin (the dude who drew/animated everything on Alien Hominid), Art We (Art Director on the new Penny Arcade game) and Paul Whitehead (Environment Lead at Suckerpunch). All the dudes were incredibly nice and I'm very lucky to have met them. I was also glad to hear that we were all basically on the same page, makes me feel like my eight plus years in the industry are beginning to show.

After the panel I reviewed portfolios at the Arena booth. The general buzz about the new Guild Wars game is really good, which is great to hear. Other than that, I saw hardcore PC gamers, LARPers, cos-players, and table-top dungeon crawlers gettin’ their nerd on. Good fun.

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 New Site!!!

With a big thanks to Kevin at Down Periscope Design for coding my page, I'm glad to present my new portfolio site!

You can navigate with the links in the red bar above to see my gallery and info page. Please leave some comments and show your friends, I'm super excited to share my site, its been too long!

Here's a new life drawing sketch to kick things off- I'll try and be better about adding new stuff. Enjoy!

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 Down Periscope!

Check out Down Periscope Design -graphic designer and illustratorKevin Dart's new web design shop. He'll hook your lame ass up with a killer site for straight up good rates. Give em a peep-

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 Fleet Street Scandal

My best bud's at Fleet Street Scandal have put out a mega rad book that features their collected works. The guys have been selling prints of their vibrant and dynamic artwork for a while now and have built quite a trove of amazing pieces. Do yourself and a friend a favor and go buy a couple right now!

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